The great thing about modern campus life is that students, faculty, and staff are generally tech-savvy and understand the benefits of connectivity. TripSpark has designed a campus transportation software to help educational institutions offer transit services that balance budget demands and speed of implementation.

Best-in-class features, including frequency-based scheduling and real-time map data, enable you to reduce congestion on roads and in campus parking lots.

How does our technology do it? It’s built for the specific needs of both the dispatchers and the riders.

Rider Safety and Satisfaction

Provide more dependable services by connecting to your riders and maintaining predictable transportation services. Integrated mapping allows you and your riders a better view of the entire transportation system.

Relieve Call Takers

With more accurate data collection, call takers can respond to calls with certainty and confidence. Friendly fixed-route functions allow you to build recurring stops into the system so riders require less direct attention.

In-vehicle Technology

Communicate with drivers better by using digital, real time communication services. Receive more accurate data due to electronic manifests and simple logging procedures. Drivers log trip info for demand riders, pre and post trip checklist, turn-by-turn driving instructions, book flag trips, text message, VOIP functions, and more.

Frequency-Based Scheduling

Flexibly choose between timetable and frequency-based scheduling. Enable your drivers to manage spacing on the fly without dispatch oversight and efficiently improve service levels on your high-frequency routes. Boost your ridership by providing the reliable, convenient services and up-to-date information they’ve been asking for.

Accurate Route Planning

Get real-time access to world-class map data powered by Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI). Easily plan routes through broad areas like parking lots, pinpoint stop locations, and see details for high-interest zones like school buildings. For unmatched accuracy, leverage multiple data sources, including city and county GIS data.

Fast and Reliable Trip Booking

Book subscription or casual trips with full access to accurate passenger details. Use and track information including multiple addresses, special needs, trip history and more in order to provide very personalized service. Accept flag stops by reducing the impact on your planned schedule.

Automated Scheduling Advantage

Inefficiencies have a negative effect not only on service, but also the operating budget. Track all vehicles to determine optimal schedules and refine routes to address service shortfalls.

Connecting to Regional Transit

Scheduling and routing power helps riders connect to regional transit routes. This gives riders more options and makes transit a more attractive choice for those that live off-campus and for visitors to your campus.

Real Time Communications

Let passengers know exactly when the next bus will arrive, whether they are waiting at a stop, surfing the web or using their cell phone. Send real-time updates to passengers via text message or email.

Easy To Use Software

Quick learning curve because software is intuitive and user-friendly. This helps you to have more control, book more trips and answer more calls without having to add more costly resources.

Ready to learn more?

Passenger Information

Enabling riders with access to up-to-the-minute information.

Fixed Route Scheduling

Create optimized routes and generate trips and schedules quickly and with minimal training.

Fixed Route CAD/AVL

Real time data collection allows all stakeholders to make fast and informed decisions.

In-Vehicle Technology

Provide a single point of logon for drivers and integrates all data with office software.

Service Interruptions Management (Detours)

Create, track, schedule, and communicate detours with ease and efficiency.

Infotainment Digital Signage

Digital Signage for Campus Transit with real-time information, advertising, and more.

Automatic Fare Collection

Go paperless or add smartcards and make it easier for riders to pay for their fares.

Custom Reports

Go paperless or add smartcards and make it easier for riders to pay for their fares.

Texas A&M University

“Football game days and other game days are always a challenge for us. On a football game day we’ll have about 100,000 fans in in the stadium and about 25,000 of them will be riding on our buses. With TripSpark we can monitor the passenger counts and keep track of when the passengers are going where and that will help us to apply the buses as we need to.” – Randy Davidson, Senior IT, TAMU Transportation Services

Ohio State University

Ohio State’s paratransit service can now deliver quicker and more efficient service, while keeping costs low. They can now update and add to their schedules in real-time, accommodating more riders.

“The software is wonderful. It enables us to work with a complex daily schedule.” – Timothy Smith, Transportation Systems Coordinator