About Us

When is about us really about you?

TripSpark has developed a completely new approach to community, medical and education transportation. Our goal is to focus entirely on the total customer experience. From the moment you decide on the perfect solution for your unique operational needs, through the implementation process and onwards to the “go live” moment, our software specialists are there to guide, counsel and support every member of your operation. Our intention is to make the transition as smooth as possible with the help of friendly and attentive people.

What is About Us?

At the heart of what we do is what we offer our customers. Any question or issue you may have along the way, you have a dedicated professional at your disposal. This approach towards customer experience is what TripSpark is all about. We are an agile team. And as such, we can respond quickly to the needs of our clients. Services like the myTripSpark.com site and our community forum allow us to have an “open door” policy with our current customers. With a focus and investment on research and development to maintain and enhance our products, we are there to grow with your operation and enable that growth.

What is About You?

You belong to a community of transportation users and providers that is growing in need and complexity. Transit technology is a tool of the 21st century that will enable and empower every member of your community: in the office, on the vehicle and wherever a rider or client exists. The TripSpark team is dedicated towards contributing software solutions to match the growing demands of community, medical and education transportation operations. We are there to help you to operate more efficiently and deliver better service to your customers now, and into the future.

TripSpark Technologies is a business name and operating division of Trapeze Software ULC

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