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TripSpark's people transportation technology provides transit agencies and private operators in the USA and Canada with the critical operational software and in-vehicle hardware they need to run efficiently and provide outstanding service to their customers. Our products form an integrated ecosystem, including the core routing, scheduling, and operational software that our customers rely on, and the modern passenger information systems that passengers demand and rely on today. 

We have technology suites for Fixed Route, Paratransit, NEMT, Rideshare, and K-12 transportation. We pride ourselves in Moving Together with our customers as their needs change and offering the latest and greatest in modern people transportation technology.

TripSpark is part of Modaxo, a global collective of technology companies passionate about changing the face of public transportation. We are also part of the Constellation Software group, which has 125,000 customers in more than 100 countries across the globe, and offices on every continent.


We provide integrated software and hardware solutions for:

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Keeping buses on-schedule, building more efficient routes that better serve the community, and providing riders with crucial real-time information to make transit an attractive transportation option.

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Ensuring people with disabilities and those that are not served by fixed routes are able to easily get to where they need to be in an efficient manner with the latest in passenger information, booking, and in-vehicle technologies.


Providing reliable and appropriate service, while minimizing costs, for those that need to get to various medical appointments with the latest in passenger notifications, booking, and in-vehicle technologies.

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Offering commuters additional transportation options such as carpooling and vanpooling, which can alleviate traffic congestion, reduce pollution and save commuters millions of dollars in transportation costs.

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Accommodating complex student schedules and enabling school bus tracking and student tracking to provide reliable, efficient service and peace of mind for administrators and parents alike.


TripSpark offers end-to-end solutions to address all aspects of transportation management. TripSpark software is modular and easily scalable to grow with you as your circumstances and needs evolve.



Fixed Route ITS software for public transit agencies and post-secondary campuses in North America. CAD/AVL, scheduling & routing, comprehensive reporting, service disruptions management, advanced passenger information, in-vehicle technology, automatic fare collection.
Paratransit Demand-Response software for public agencies, private for-profit and private non-profit organizations in North America. Automated scheduling and real-time dispatch, trip assignment, HIPAA compliant data sharing and reporting, passenger notifications, passenger booking portal, in-vehicle technology.
Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) software for American providers, brokers and health care organizations including managed care organizations (MCOs), clinics and hospitals. Automated scheduling and real-time dispatch, trip assignment, HIPAA compliant data sharing and reporting, bus pass management, mileage reimbursement, client notifications, online booking portal, in-vehicle technology.
Rideshare management software for municipal planning organizations in North America. Commuter matching, incentive program management, vanpool management, Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) program management.
K-12 education transportation software for school districts and transportation brokers. Calendar-based scheduling, CAD/AVL, field trip management, student tracking, parent app.


TripSpark is an operating division of Trapeze Group, a leading transit software provider that has been in operation since 1990. Trapeze customers are some of the largest public transit agencies in North America. Created in 2014, TripSpark focuses on the unique needs of mid-sized transit agencies, and medium to large private operators and school districts.


We believe in helping transit agencies and private operators navigate their transportation technology journey. From the discovery phase to the implementation of the solution and continuing support, we are there to support our customers every step of the way.

“They really understand transit and they were willing to understand our system and how it works . . . It’s actually a conversation and a collaborative answer to that problem.”
Candace Eudaley, Transit Manager, The Jule Transit

To ensure our software addresses the unique needs of our customers, TripSpark is heavily invested in research and development. We understand the importance of developing solutions for today and tomorrow. We also believe in the power of collaboration, and the value of ongoing education and responsive customer care. What do our customers think of this approach to doing business? Watch the video on our Why Us page to find out.

Fun Facts


  • We have customers coast-to-coast across the U.S. and Canada
  • We have offices in Independence OH, Mississauga ON, Calgary AB, and Pittsburgh PA, as well as dozens of remote employees. No matter where we’re based, we’re all a part of the TripSpark family.


TripSpark Technologies is a business name and operating division of Trapeze Software ULC

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