Codefest 2024

Codefest 2024

Hackathons sure sound like a race for conducting criminal cyber activity. But rest assured a hackathon is a social coding event for developers and anyone interested in computer programming to collaborate over several days on software projects in a competitive, yet friendly environment.

At TripSpark, Codefest is more than just a hackathon; it’s an annual tradition that started over a decade ago with a handful of developers and has evolved into a driving force for innovation.

What is Codefest?

Codefest is where innovation meets teamwork at TripSpark. It’s a high-energy hackathon where our developers and product managers join forces to brainstorm and develop solutions over four magical days. It’s not just about coding, but about tapping into each participant’s inner entrepreneurship. Of course, a beautiful location like Canmore, Alberta helps get the creative juices flowing!

At this year’s Codefest, eight teams were asked to pick a product-based feature to work on that was exciting and offered value for our agency partners or helped us support them better. At the end of the event, each team made a presentation to the group with their ideas and solutions.

For example, one team worked on a data visualization and predictive AI model for the Rides on Demand mobility app. How cool is that?

More than just a hackathon

Of course, Codefest is more than just a coding event. Hackathons are an amazing opportunity to break down silos and foster the kind of connections that can only occur in person.

To discourage teams from staying inside and coding all day, Codefest organizers arranged group meals, hikes to enjoy the breathtaking Canmore views, and various team competitions. There also may have been a few late nights talking and playing video games.

All in good fun, and all in the name of building a stronger TripSpark team!

Innovation from within

Hackathons like Codefest not only provide a dedicated time for creative problem-solving and testing concepts in a low-risk environment but also building internal relationships across TripSpark. We always say the team that laughs together, breaks new ground together.

When participants can showcase their ideas and see their skills are valued, it boosts employee morale and creates the fun, energetic workplace TripSpark aims to be. Codefest is an amazing opportunity for growth and creating a culture of continuous improvement.

You never know. The next game-changing product or feature for transit agencies might come from Codefest. Until then, stay calm and code on!