Ignite 2024 –Transit Unplugged CEO Roundtable

Ignite 2024 –Transit Unplugged CEO Roundtable

At the Ignite 2024 user conference, TripSpark was blessed to have Paul Comfort, SVP & Chief Customer Officer for Modaxo and host of the Transit Unplugged podcast, lead a panel discussion featuring transit leaders from our partner agencies:

Pam Shepherd, Executive Director – Federated Transportation Services of the Bluegrass, Kentucky

Randy Anderson, Operations IT Systems Administrator – City Bus, Greater Lafayette Public Transit, Indiana

Matt Maier, Director of Operations – Lake Tran, Lake County, Ohio

Ryan Landers, General Manager – Lawton Area Transit in Lawton, Oklahoma

Any transit leader will recognize the challenges shared in this insightful interview. From driver shortages to supply chain issues, the struggle is real! Through creativity, collaboration, and a little bit of technology, these agencies have overcome obstacles and celebrated significant wins.

From their stories you can expect the following:

  • Innovative ideas for finding and hiring drivers and mechanics.
  • The importance of drumming up support for transit in the community.
  • Why leveraging technology is critical for future growth.
  • What a typical day looks like for these busy transit leaders.

A big thank you to Paul Comfort, Tris Hussey, Julie Gates, and the Transit Unplugged team for working with TripSpark on this memorable session.

Enjoy the podcast!