MyRide: The Triple Threat for Transit Agencies

MyRide: The Triple Threat for Transit Agencies

Constant customer service calls to answer, tricky routes to monitor – or complete safely and on time if you’re a bus operator – and hundreds of riders to satisfy. Does this sound like a day in the life of your transit agency?

That’s where TripSpark’s MyRide comes in. Yes, MyRide is a powerful passenger information system for sharing real-time trip information with your riders. So, how can that be a game changer for drivers and dispatch?

Let us explain how:

How MyRide Helps Drivers

With MyRide, riders get trip updates faster than they can say, “When’s the next bus?”. Maps with real-time vehicle locations and route change notifications eliminate the guessing game for riders. When they know exactly where the bus is or how to make a connection, drivers field fewer questions and can focus on keeping things moving.

Plus, riders with real-time trip information are more likely to arrive at the bus stop on time resulting in less rushing and better schedule adherence for drivers.

How MyRide Helps Dispatch

MyRide is like a personal travel assistant that makes every journey more predictable and satisfying for riders. This means dispatch spends less time answering customer service calls and more time running services proactively.

Instead of fighting fires, dispatch can manage routes efficiently, allocate resources smarter, and learn new ways to improve the rider experience.

The triple threat of MyRide

Putting real-time trip information in the hands of riders helps them as much as your agency. Riders can make informed trip decisions instead of feeling frustrated about not knowing when the bus will arrive. MyRide does all the talking while taking the pressure off drivers and dispatch.

At first, it may not be obvious how MyRide can help your drivers and dispatch. But from the driver’s seat to the dispatch desk, a powerful passenger information system could be the ticket to smoother daily operations for your agency.

Curious to learn more? Get in touch with our team and let’s have a conversation about how a powerful passenger information system can calm the chaos of your daily service.