Rideshare Management Software & Resource-draining Parking Lots

Rideshare Management Software & Resource-draining Parking Lots

When companies build parking lots, they’re actually encouraging their employees to drive cars. That’s what this CityLab article suggests, and it’s an interesting take on thinking about the shifting attitudes towards alternative commuting options. If you think of parking lots as part of the transportation system, you can see how re-allocating building and maintenance funds towards healthier initiatives in transportation can actually help to change attitudes. Not only do cars cost money, but so do their quietly invisible counterparts: parking lots.

Developers to See Huge Savings and Benefits

Some cities are now making it a requirement for developers to offer new tenants a suite of alternative transport options. No doubt developers were nervous that this might drive down interest in their property. However, this may not be case. If parking spaces (as this other CityLab article suggests) cost between $20,000-$50,000, this can dramatically impact the sale price of a developer’s property. As well, developers might be able to take advantage of savings and incentives. Were this to happen in a residential complex, enough cash could be floating around that a savvy developer could build a swimming pool instead of a parking lot.

Will Your City be the Next to Adopt Change?

Indianapolis is leading the way in “green amenities” and forward-thinking transit. They may be the example that all cities of the future will follow. City dwellers of the future will want the most bang for their buck. And a buyer who lives and works downtown can see some significant savings on both their property purchase as well as the cost of vehicle ownership. With the increased interest in alternative commutes, having rideshare management software will become an essential piece of not only the transit system, but of the real estate market as well. Are you prepared?

Companies Can Afford Rideshare Management Software

Similar cost savings can be felt by employers and companies renting business properties and by negotiating with their developers and TMAs. Not only can car and vanpooling be an attractive offer to potential hires, but the cost savings can make rideshare management software extremely attractive and affordable. As a part of the transportation system, parking lots are going to look like giant money pits to developers and employers.

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Whether you’re looking to reduce your parking lot requirements, or looking to improve your benefits package to new hires, rideshare management software is vital. With the proper tools, you can easily manage your entire carpool and vanpool operation as well as a multitude of other services for you and your potential riders. Listen to what some of the users of software are saying about it. Check out the video made by Spectrumotion TMA and see why they recommend software to manage a rideshare program.