Ridesharing Can Be a Convenient Truth

Ridesharing Can Be a Convenient Truth

Did you know that a single car emits around 12,000 pounds of carbon dioxide each year? This Colorado State factoid confirms the suspicion that every member of our community needs to take a hard look at the frequency and manner in which vehicles are employed. So with that in mind, for how many cars on the road is your organization responsible? This may appear to be an insignificant statistic, but in an era of corporate environmental responsibility and transparency, this statistic is under scrutiny. If you read the aforementioned, linked article, you’ll see that was written in 2006. So in an age of “greenwashing” (i.e.: corporations simply making it appear like they care) has much really changed?

Is carpooling an option for your company? The answer is most likely yes. This is why ridesharing software is an essential part of the global picture. And what’s more, rideshare software is an essential part of a company-wide carpooling program.

“30% of the world’s vehicles are in the US.”[Source: www.rideshare.coloradostate.edu/Environmental.aspx]

What Can Benefit the Earth as Well as Employees?

If taking one car off the road can remove 12,000 pounds of CO2, then any amount of carpooling is a benefit to the Earth. But there are also benefits, both tangible and intangible that employees will discover. If parking charges are an issue, employees will be happy to realize that a shared ride will eliminate or at least minimize the expense. Savings can also be realized in terms of gas consumption, obviously. But there is also an intangible benefit to building a program that creates a community.

How Rideshare Software Works

Organizing a carpooling program can place a scheduling burden on company managers. It takes time to properly match rides for their employees. There are a number of variables to consider, which is especially true in large companies with hundreds of employees. Scheduling can become overwhelming when you consider the amount of data that is collected on users, schedules, preferences and timing. As well, generating accurate reports can be tedious and time-consuming. With TripSpark rideshare software, all the key pieces of info are stored in a single database and reports can be quickly generated in a variety of shareable formats.

Talk to a TripSpark software specialist today to learn more about the benefits of not only carpooling of employees, but also the benefits of a specifically designed software solution.