The Single-most Important Feature of Your Ridesharing Management Software

The Single-most Important Feature of Your Ridesharing Management Software

Most people would agree that there are enormous benefits to ridesharing programs: both to the individual (in terms of monetary savings) as well as to their regions (reduced spending on transportation infrastructure, traditional transit and lowered greenhouse gas emissions). However, there are still a few impediments that prevent the commuting population to make the shift towards alternative modes of transportation. One is that they don’t have access to a rideshare program (a program is not offered by their employer or municipality) and another is that that they are concerned about not having their vehicle with them in the event of an emergency.

Addressing the Major Concern of Commuters

This Environmental Protection Agency document states that employees and commuters, “cite their concerns about being stranded at work as a reason for not using transit or car/vanpools.” In the event of an emergency, commuters need the peace of mind knowing that they can get to where they’re needed, when they require it. The fact is that a rideshare program can easily alleviate these fears by instituting a Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) to ensure that transportation is always there when it’s required.

How does it work? With a GRH program in place, commuters can request same-day transportation home from their place of work using one of the available options, such as a taxi or other transport provider service. Eligible programs can then receive reimbursements for expenditures from governmental funding sources (for example, the EPA).

Ridesharing Management Software Monitors Usage

Some rideshare organizations, Metropolitan Planning Organizations and Transportation Management Associations have concerns about the over-use and general management of a Guaranteed Ride Home program. This needless hesitation can put the brakes on a ridesharing plan when it is an issue that can easily be addressed. In order to prevent abuse of the GRH, your ridesharing management software is instrumental in being able to help create guidelines and monitor usage. In this way, commuters have the peace of mind knowing that they have transportation in an emergency and program operators know that costs can be kept within prescribed limits.

Having an Emergency Ride Home program is an extremely attractive offering, as it is not a mandatory offering and not all ridesharing operators provide it as a service. And by controlling your entire operation with ridesharing management software, the many moving parts are easily addressed and the system as a whole becomes more dependable, trustworthy and attractive. Talk to a specialist to learn more about how ridesharing management software can help to increase program participation and make your job a great deal easier.