Ranger 4 Carries on Our Legacy of Rugged, Compact Computers, Built for the Transit Industry

Ranger allows you to integrate a wide variety of functionality into a single, powerful platform including: real-time schedule and route adherence monitoring, communication with dispatchers, electronic dispatching, turn-by-turn navigation, driver behavior monitoring, wireless signature capture, passenger counting, electronic fare payment, and much more.

Top 4 Features of Ranger 4

  • No external antennas. Internal antennas mean easier installation – no holes to drill in the vehicle’s exterior!
  • Faster and more responsive. Supports frequent real-time GPS reporting rates by leveraging an improved processor and HSPA+ or LTE wireless networks.
  • Save on data charges. Built-in Wi-Fi means even smaller monthly data bills.
  • Easier integration (future ready). New connectors allow Ranger 4 to effortlessly communicate with more add-ons like fare boxes, APCs and card readers.

Fixed Route & Demand Response on One Device!

Take advantage of the flexibility to use your vehicles for both fixed route and demand response service. Drivers need only to boot up the software for the service-type the vehicle will be performing and begin their day. All Rangers, regardless of mode, can be managed centrally. Over-the-air updates further simplify logistics and save hours of effort. Keep track of on-board peripherals as well as the software installed on Rangers, and use diagnostic tools to facilitate remote, real-time troubleshooting and issue resolution.

Abby Slovack, Lethbridge Transit

Lethbridge Transit chose TripSpark’s in-vehicle hardware (Rangers) and software to improve their efficiency. Rangers provide real time information for drivers and customers. It gives drivers feedback on if they are running late or hot and can improve their own on-time performance.