Online Booking & Trip Management for Clients

Offering your clients more control over their trip information, personal profiles and monitoring past and upcoming trips is becoming a necessity, rather than a luxury. Now you can provide them with a web portal that’s incredibly user friendly, with little to no set-up and training for your staff. Over the web, clients and members can perform a number of self-service tasks, see the precise location of their approaching vehicle, and even request a pickup: all without having to call into your operation. This provides them a highly personalized experience, but without over-taxing your staff. Using the delegate feature, family, funding agencies or medical facilities can manage trips on behalf of members too, saving even more staff time.

How it Works for Your Clients

With a simple login and password from any browser window (including mobile devices) clients can securely book, confirm or cancel their own trips, view their trips and real time location of their vehicle on a map. The system “remembers” previous trips and addresses to make the process even easier. They can notify you when they’re ready to be picked up simply by pressing a button. With authorization from clients or their families, caregivers and case workers can also book, review or cancel trips on behalf of the passenger. The site gives the user many options when it comes to being able to:

  • Book, review, confirm and cancel trips
  • Automatically generate a return trip
  • Review and edit their personal profiles
  • See all upcoming and previously booked trips
  • Viewing website with a screen reader

How it Works for Your Staff

Because the site allows clients to access almost every detail of their trip, including the precise arrival time of their scheduled vehicle, your staff can dedicate more time to improved personal customer attention. Your staff has more assurance that trip information is correct. All of a client’s special transport needs and medical reason for the ride are captured in order to ensure the appropriate type of transporter is sent to do the trip.

  • Reduced strain on call centers
  • Customizable settings require less IT intervention
  • Settings are protected during upgrades
  • Limited need for staff training

How it Works for Your Business

Without having to hire web designers and developers, you can have a stunning new website, entirely branded to your company’s logo and color scheme. As well, the mobile version features a responsive design to that allows your site to be viewed on smartphones and tablets alike. Your business will be built for speed and have a fresh and modern appearance to give your operation a professional appeal. The results to your bottom line are appealing as well:

  • Fewer no shows
  • Shorter driver wait times
  • Improved customer satisfaction and retention
  • The service is always on: 24 hours a day

Delegates Module

The Delegates Module makes it possible for family members, personal care givers, or anyone given the authority, to manage trips on behalf of clients. This can be an individual delegate like a family member, or a facility managing multiple clients/patients. Based upon security and preferences, delegates are able to centrally manage trips for numerous clients, making it unnecessary to log into multiple accounts. The delegate simply needs to be enabled in the system and verified at their initial login.

Abby Slovack, Lethbridge Transit

Lethbridge Transit chose TripSpark’s Passenger Portal to give their riders the freedom they deserve; allowing them to book, cancel or manage their trips. Watch the video to learn more!