Fareboxes & Automatic Fare Collection | Product Highlight

Fareboxes & Automatic Fare Collection | Product Highlight

Manual fare collection can be time-consuming, expensive, and hard to keep track of. In the long run, out-of-date fare collection methods add unwanted and unnecessary costs to your operation, in addition to time wasted on avoidable tasks such as paperwork. Imagine being able to automatically track your fares and reduce the risks with handling cash, all while gaining better insight into the trips taken by your riders. If your operation is looking for this, then you’ve come to the right place. We are beyond excited about our new Automatic Fare Collection video and what it means for your operation and riders.

Farebox Overview – Automatic Fare Collection (AFC)

The EzDrive software is designed to offer operators a quick method of confirming the status of the system as well as easy recording of any passengers that don’t use media such as transfers, day passes, and smartcards. The operator has full control of the easy-to-use drag and drop interface along with the ability to change buttons, text, and layout as needed. The main components of the farebox are designed to be replaced without the need for tools and can be done in under five minutes while on the road at a layover point. All reports use the same interface for the creation of a report, making reporting easier for you. Watch below the full TripSpark Farebox Overview video to see the benefits of automatic fare collection come to life.



What Does It Mean For Your Operation?

Automatic fare collection provides your operation with the tools to eliminate the human error associated with manual fare collection. The electronic fareboxes collect comprehensive passenger information, making it easier to keep track of your riders’ trips. With the mobile ticketing app, drivers just have to look at the passenger’s phone screen to make sure the ride is paid for, or you have the option to integrate with an in-vehicle reader system. Overall, this means a reduction in costs and time spent on paperwork and other preventable tasks.

What Does It Mean For Your Riders?

Providing your riders with easy and convenient transportation doesn’t have to be difficult with automatic fare collection. With smartcards now substituting as cash and a mobile ticketing app for Smartphones, riders have the freedom to use their own preferred method of payment. This means faster, more reliable faring options and better access to transit. With the number of Smartphone users in this day and age, consumers care about functionality and the ability to complete payment from their hand-held devices. Frederick County implemented the use of our mobile ticketing solution and within the first week, 30 people downloaded the app. See the full story here.

Automatic fare collection provides benefits for both you and your riders. Eliminate the unnecessary costs and time wasted with manual fare collection, as well as provide your riders with the transit experience they want. Request a demo today and see how fareboxes, smartcards, and mobile apps work together to make transit a desirable transportation option.