Fixed Route Software and DOT’s National Transit Map

Fixed Route Software and DOT’s National Transit Map

The U.S. DOT’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) has released the first ever National Transit Map. While many transit agencies have local data about their own routes, this publicly available resource now provides a single source for transit services data across the U.S.

The DOT Needs Your Transit Data

Agencies are requested to permit the DOT access to their transit data, including their routes and schedules, which will be compiled into a national public analytic tool. Analysis of the data will help to better understand the economic impact of transit on community development and demonstrate the importance of public transit in American society. All this is in support of the new Ladders of Opportunity Initiative that aims to connect disadvantaged and low-income individuals, veterans, seniors, youths, and others with local workforce training, employment centers, health care, and other vital services.

A Giant Leap in Transit Data Gathering

The National Transit Map is a vast improvement over its predecessor, released in 2004, only included data on fixed-guideway transit. This current transit map compiles data on stops, routes, and schedules gathered from 270 fixed route transit agencies. The map currently includes 84 percent of the top 25 urban transit agencies, and 74 percent of the top 50 The map currently includes approximately one-third of all urban transit agencies and 74 percent of the top 50. So far, the map only shows stops, not routes and schedules. However, Interactive Mapping Apps and other tools are scheduled to be released to augment the map’s capabilities.

Fixed Route Software Solutions Enable GTFS Data Creation

The U.S. DOT is planning to continue improving the map as they receive data from additional transit agencies with a goal to one day build a data set that represents all forms of transit service across the US in a single, comprehensive data asset. Fixed route software helps agencies easily create and maintain the GTFS data that is easily exported and shared with the DOT.  This software eliminates the need to input data or produce manual reports.

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