How Software is Instrumental in Building a Business

How Software is Instrumental in Building a Business

The old adage is still true: the customer is always right. In the case of demand response agencies, the customer or rider is always right to expect to receive on-time and dependable service. There’s simply no way to grow a business without taking into account the specific needs of each person who uses your service. The TripSpark team also follows this old adage, which is why service and communication are paramount to how we deliver demand response software solutions. While our systems are easily scalable to “grow along” with an agency, were you aware that it was also possible to encourage growth by using demand response software?

Better Business with Customer Service

Every time you can deliver on a promise, your business profits. In other words, the smoother and more predictable your service offering, the more passengers you’re going to attract. So why is customer service so important? As this article on small business practices suggests, your customer care is the main point of contact between your agency and those that require its service. So when a rider calls up and wants to know ‘where a ride is’ and ‘when it will arrive,’ what are you able to tell them? One of the major benefits of demand response software is the ability to track and trace vehicles on the road. As well, TripSpark is unique in offering cloud-based notifications to offer your riders better access to the information that matters to them most.

Demand Response Software Bolsters Scheduling

Our software solutions can alert schedulers and dispatchers to impending problems, thereby averting operational chaos. This is also true when it comes to last second cancelations or calls for a ride. When a vehicle is already en-route, valuable seconds and minutes (and hours, depending on traffic and the time of day) can be lost because of a change to the route and schedule. TripSpark’s demand response software solution is there to help. It can automatically find the optimal route for drivers to take and then push those suggestions directly to the cab of the vehicle. For example, on a tablet using the DriverMate app. Crisis averted.

Can Automation Guarantee Business Success?

It may seem like quite a hefty claim, but we have seen much success among our clients and partners. Check out this interesting case study that details the challenges and issues faced by the Whitehorse Transit (DR and paratransit) agency. They found a significant increase in ridership and speak towards what automation can achieve in a relatively short time. Their main issue was inefficiency. Many of their buses / vans were transporting only a single rider. Not an ideal situation in terms of gas expenses, grumpy riders and lonely drivers. Also check out the Muncie Indiana Transit System case study to see our software in action for a paratransit agency that also needed to integrate their fixed route service.

Across the board, all areas of a business are enhanced by the implementation of automation software. If you want to learn more, contact us and one of our dedicated transit software specialists will be happy to provide more information in order to help you make an informed decision.