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Paratransit and ADA agencies need to be able to offer dependable service to their riders and have the ability to report on every aspect of their operation. They need to streamline office work, their means of communication, their data collection techniques and their planning and scheduling procedures. To achieve these service goals, a single-source software solution is needed, one that is flexible and intuitive, yet user friendly and fun to work with. TripSpark’s paratransit software for demand response employs an industry-leading algorithm, developed for more than two decades and is the robust yet simple-to-use solution to a complicated problem.


Paratransit Software Suite Overview

Improving On-Time Performance

Our intuitive software schedules accurately and efficiently to deliver every client to their appointments on time. Dispatch can quickly adjust to issues as they develop.

Optimizing Schedules and Routes

Single or batch scheduling happens in seconds rather than minutes. Our unique and incredibly powerful algorithm can also automatically adjust on actual day of operation.

Generating Accurate Reports

Accessing accurate data allows you to customize and create accurate and dynamic reports. Quality reports translates into transparency to your funding agents and auditors.

Complete Operational Insight

Make informed decisions through analytics that allow you to track all your important information. From driver manifests, productivity reports, cancelations & no shows, and more.

Reducing No Shows and Reducing Slack Time

Improved communication between dispatch, drivers and clients reduces no shows and late cancelations in order to keep vehicle utilization ratios higher.

Communicating With Drivers and Clients

Send and receive live updates to and from your clients and drivers for improved overall service. Updates are pushed to drivers and everything runs smoothly.


Because we are able to batch during the day, we have been able to increase our passengers per-hour by 5% and that translates into real dollars, which is really important for a public agency.


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Over the last year, we’ve seen a significant increase in our passengers per vehicle hour mostly related to proper scheduling, with TripSpark being able to group customers and trips together more efficiently.


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