3 Reasons to Join the TripSpark Innovation Hub

3 Reasons to Join the TripSpark Innovation Hub

The TripSpark Innovation Hub is not just a safe space for sharing your transit agency’s challenges, but a great opportunity to collaborate and share ideas with our product team! You can also view and vote on what other TripSpark users have suggested.

Here are 3 reasons you should join the Innovation Hub:

Be An Innovation Influencer

Help TripSpark build the product roadmap and prioritize the features that help your agency. Let us know what features, functionality, and improvements you would like to see in the future. You never know your idea could be a product game-changer!

Expand Your Knowledge

The Innovation Hub is the place to share knowledge, discuss ideas, build connections, and collaborate with the TripSpark team to solve problems. You can also subscribe to idea submissions that interest you and receive email updates about how they progress.

Help Create Synergy

You have valuable experience and insights on public transit that can help make our solutions more effective. We welcome you to bring all your enthusiasm and creativity to the Innovation Hub because we believe that when we work together, we can move more people together!

Grab the Innovation Hub Overview

The Innovation Hub was built for you and it’s easy to start making an impact. Grab your copy of the TripSpark Innovation Hub Overview to discover how to create an account and get started today!