Moving Together Webinar Recap: What’s New with Streets 7 and myRide 6.0

Moving Together Webinar Recap: What’s New with Streets 7 and myRide 6.0

If you missed our Moving Together Webinar for August, here’s a recap of new features and improvements in Streets 7 and myRide 6.0., plus the upcoming release of myRide 6.1.

Hosted by Jesse Kafka, Product Manager; Melissa Baldwin, Application Support Analyst; and Gillian Fisher, Technical Trainer, our TripSpark experts provided an overview of how these great new features can help you manage trips more efficiently.

Streets 7 – ESRI Map Functionality and New Trip Management Tools

TripSpark’s fixed route software is specifically designed to meet your unique business needs. We’re excited to share these new features that make route-planning, scheduling and service monitoring easier.

Map Functionality Powered by ESRI ArcGIS

Map functionality in Streets is now powered by the world’s gold standard in web-based mapping, ESRI. In Dispatch, users can choose a preferred map view from multiple options, such as Open Street, aerial, and dark mode. You can set maximum or minimum zoom levels, see building footprints and center lines, as well as the names of commercial areas or local businesses.

Work Not Started Alerts

Not only are start tasks now auto-monitored so that no trip begins without accurate data collection and reporting, a new Event is available in Streets called Expected Work Not Started. This feature lets you see scheduled work where the driver is a no show or hasn’t started the trip. Users can enable the alerts Driver is Not Logged On, Driver Isn’t Performing Any Work Item, Driver is Performing A Previous Work Item, and Driver is Performing A Future Work Item to be notified when trips aren’t running as expected.

GTFS Real-Time Alerts

Any agency using our real-time solutions will benefit from using GTFS service alerts. You can create alerts with any information you want to communicate and send it to your GTFS real-time feed. The alerts can be tied to your system, a route, or specific stops along a route, with alerts appearing in myRide or on your transit signage.

Frequency-Based Trip Generation

For agencies with multi-bus blocks, shuttles, or loops, a new frequency-based service allows you to define work with a start and head time, the headway between buses, and run time of the route to create blocking and trips based on your frequency base. This is most helpful if you have 2-3 buses running every 5 minutes or more to prevent bunching or spreading. In Dispatch or route monitor, you will be able to see if loops are bunching or spreading, and drivers can also see spacing information about buses ahead and behind them.

Easier and Faster “Cancel” Work Options

In Streets Dispatch, a new feature in the Work tab allows you to quickly cancel scheduled work at the Run level or Trip level. This is handy for users with real-time products as the trip won’t appear in the schedule, but will show as redlined or cancelled, and won’t provide arrival estimates for those trips.

myRide 6.0 and 6.1 – The Same Great Tool for TripSpark and Routematch Clients

Since Routematch joined TripSpark a year ago, we’ve strived to make cross-platform integrations a reality and provide options that empower your agency with flexibility when using our solutions. Here’s what’s new about myRide, TripSpark’s best-in-class passenger information system:

myRide integration for Routematch Fixed

We’re pleased to announce that myRide integration is now available for both TripSpark Streets and RM-Fixed users. Any clients using RM-Fixed can integrate the powerful myRide passenger information system without having to do a full migration. That’s a win-win for TripSpark and Routematch clients!

New Features for myRide 6.1

Releasing in October 2023, myRide 6.1 includes changes to enhance customer experience, such as frequency-based support that assures customers that buses will arrive with a regular cadence, faster service interruption notifications, map improvements including bus icons that match route colors and toggle options, the ability to add bus stop codes, and customize banners with agency branding.

Moving Forward Together

To learn more about any of these new features, contact TripSpark to get started today. Let’s explore how the right combination of software, hardware, and passenger technologies can help you get better results.

And don’t miss the next Moving Together Webinar to learn all about our next-generation mobile data terminal, myDrive. Register for the entire webinar series or watch the previous webinars to stay up-to-date.