Cookie Policy

Version 1.0
Last revised on April 26, 2022

TripSpark uses a variety of technologies to improve our customers’ and users’ experiences with TripSpark and with our website(s) including for advertising purposes. For example, like many other businesses on the internet, TripSpark and its partners use technology known as “cookies” to provide customized information from our website, to provide certain features to you, to provide auto-fill functionality, and to serve advertisements to our visitors. By using the TripSpark services or visiting our website(s), you consent to the use of these cookies as described in this policy.

1. What are cookies? Cookies are simple, small text files that are stored (or “dropped”) on your computer or browser that allow our web servers and those of our partners to record browsing activities, remember submissions, preferences and login status and to serve more relevant advertising to you as you navigate our website(s) or use our service. These cookies share data as described in our privacy policy

2. Why does TripSpark use cookies? Like most internet companies, TripSpark relies on cookies to tell us more about our users and how they use our website and services and to serve more relevant advertisements on our site. Cookies allow TripSpark to understand who has visited our site, how frequently pages are visited, to remember a user’s login status and other user preferences. TripSpark also uses cookies for advertising Consistent with these purposes, cookies may collect information about you, your browser and operating system, domain names, etc.

3. What types of cookies does TripSpark use? We use cookies that we place on user’s devices (“first-party cookies”) and cookies that our partners place on devices (“third-party cookies”). Our first-party cookies are used primarily to allow us to perform analytics on our site(s) so that we can learn more about who visits our site, how visitors use our site or our features, how often visitors return and other, similar purposes. These analytical cookies do not contain any personal information but are solely used to help improve our services. We have partners that assist us with our site analytics and cookies including Google Analytics, CallRail and Pardot.

The third-party cookies that our partners place on devices are used to deliver advertisements, to distinguish user’s web browsers and to collect and keep track of ad-related information (such as the type of ads shown and where ads appear). Users can learn more about these third-party cookies, opt-outs, and privacy information as set forth below.

PartnerService ProvidedInformationTracking?Privacy

The specific cookies NextRoll uses are named “__adroll”, “__ar_v4” and “__adroll_fpc.” As set forth in more detail in the NextRoll privacy statement described above, users can opt-out of such cookies at any time. Users may also want to review the NextRoll privacy statement to gain more information about these cookies, what data is collected (and for what purpose).

Finally, cookies may be “Session Cookies,” which are deleted once your session or visit to our website(s) or services end or “Persistent Cookies” which remain for a longer period of time on your browser

4. Controlling Cookies: In addition to using the guidance provided by our partners as provided above, users may use their browser settings to control which cookies are accepted and which are not. You may also visit the following sites to obtain additional information about cookies and how to control, opt-out or delete them for a variety of browsers:

Please keep in mind that should you choose to delete or reject certain cookies, the functionality of our website(s) and services may be impacted including the possibility that the services will not work as intended.

5. Consent: If you do not use the tools described herein to opt-out from the use of cookies by TripSpark, you expressly consent to the use of cookies and sharing the information they collect as described herein and in the TripSpark privacy policy (and the privacy policies of our partners). You may also revoke your consent at any time by using the tools and sites described above.

6. Additional Information: Should you desire additional information about cookies or how TripSpark uses cookies, please review our Privacy Policy at Of course, you may also contact us at