How Real Time Tools Empower Your Operation

How Real Time Tools Empower Your Operation

In a perfect world, a paratransit agency’s schedule would remain static and completely intact. All clients are on time, no late cancelations, all vehicles work and drivers remain on their established routes. In a perfect world there is no need for paratransit scheduling software, no need for automation or to monitor vehicles on their routes. Human beings are real time tools. They have the ability to reason and re-schedule based upon available information. Demand response software is a real time tool that imitates the actions of a number of key decision-makers. But it does a whole lot more.

React Quickly, Act Appropriately

One of the keys to being able to make the right decision quickly is to have all the relevant data at your fingertips. The reason we call this type of transportation “demand response” is because events can happen at any time with the intention of destabilizing the day’s schedule.

Paratransit Scheduling Software can React On its Own

Your demand response software system should have the power to respond automatically in order to “self-heal” a schedule on the actual day of service. As conditions change, and trips are edited or canceled, destinations shift and traffic conditions change, you need a system that can automatically re-calculate the most optimal routes based upon all the available data. This means balancing situations that are developing on the road with what your clients need for each trip. Real time paratransit scheduling software will alert dispatchers of any issues that might hinder quality service, such as an impending or existing late pickup event.

Set it, but Never Forget about It

While our software can optimize automatically, we always counsel our clients to be diligent and pro-active about their scheduling practices. It’s always advised to maintain an eye on your daily schedule and we never suggest letting automation to 100% of the work. Being able to react quickly depends upon both a digital system for monitoring service and the skilled oversight of real time schedulers and dispatchers.

Request a customized demo of our paratransit scheduling software today to see how it can automatically schedule the day’s events as well as update routes based upon real world situations. Our software is designed to work with how you actually work and to react in the same way that your dispatchers would react. You have real world problems but now you can have a real time tool to deal with them.