TripSpark’s Award for Transit Passion

TripSpark’s Award for Transit Passion

We know that every agency has a passion for transit and strives towards better community engagement. Once we realized that everyone in our community was displaying passion for transit in their own unique way, we knew that we wanted to get every agency to share their story. With this in mind, we have opened up submissions for the 2015 Award for Transit Passion. The guidelines are fairly simple and the submission process is even simpler. The deadline for submission is the end of the day on April 29th. We will then announce our selection of the three finalists on May 13th. The grand winner will be revealed at the 2015 CTAA Expo in Florida.

What do You Have to Do to Win?

First: submit. This means you need to send us a short paragraph describing how your agency has shared your passion with your community. As well, we would love to have any pictures to show what you’re talking about. If you have any deeper questions regarding our guidelines, don’t hesitate to email us directly at Winning submissions will be judged entirely upon our fair and equitable assessment of your project, and its level of passion (with a margin of accuracy of +/- 5% passion). You can view the eligibility criteria here.

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What Are We Looking For?

Have you implemented a new system or improved an existing service in order to offer your riders a better experience? Have you added runs, increased service or provided a better transit experience in some way? Have you done anything in the past year that has made riders take notice of how deeply you feel towards your community? If so, we want to hear about it. Tell us the story of how you came to decide on the idea and why you are committed to providing the highest level of service.

Is Community Transportation Software a Factor?

For the purposes of this award, no, you don’t need to focus on community transportation software. But in the end, automation and key efficiencies are only made possible by the integration of a full community transportation software solution, so we feel the odds are in our favor. But that being said, don’t feel compelled to adjust your passion on our account.

What Do You Get in Return?

We plan to promote your agency in a number of our publications. This can be anything from our quarterly digital newsletter TripSpark Ignite, to a customer spotlight in our blog Adventures in Transportation. The winner will receive an attractive statuette and a donation of a $1,000 to a charity in your community.

Where Do You Go Now?

Click on the link below to go to our submission page and there you can enter in your details, upload your pictures and your short paragraph describing your agency’s initiative towards community engagement. After that, you can go back to doing what you do best: providing your community with the highest quality transit experience. And we’ll go back to creating the community transportation software that enables you to do your job.

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The TripSpark Team