Trapeze Group Creates New Business Unit Focused On Mid-Sized Transit Operators

TripSpark Technologies to align solutions with unique needs of mid-sized public transport agencies

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO – Trapeze Group announced the creation of a new business unit called TripSpark Technologies that is solely dedicated to providing hardware and software solutions to mid-sized public transport agencies, as well as all private operators.

“This is an exciting time for all of us at Trapeze Group and TripSpark Technologies,” said John Hines, President of Trapeze Group North America. “Going forward, the focus for Trapeze Group is to develop deeper relationships with their enterprise customers and will work with them to help solve their agency’s challenges.”

The focus for TripSpark Technologies is to partner with mid-sized agencies as well as private operators to align solutions with their unique business needs. TripSpark will develop and deliver solutions to its existing customers as well as new customers in the following industries: Fixed RouteDemand ResponseNon-Emergency MedicalRidesharing, and Campus Transportation.

“The vision at TripSpark is to connect people, places and communities. TripSpark offers simple, efficient and easy-to-use software solutions and delivers value to customers in every interaction,” says Andrea Potter, General Manager of TripSpark Technologies. “We are on a mission to help North America’s leading transportation providers transform their operations, increase community engagement and drive revenue.”

About TripSpark Technologies

TripSpark Technologies is a community transportation technology company focused on helping North American mid-sized transit agencies and private operators transform their operation – increasing community engagement, increasing efficiency and driving revenue. TripSpark makes this possible by linking the latest technologies with a dedicated focus to help you grow your operation and meet evolving community transit needs. Discover what’s new in community transportation solutions:

About Trapeze Group

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