What's Important To You?

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Providing accurate information to drivers and having quick access to client, trip and driver information is paramount to ensure client satisfaction.

Create the Best Schedules

The ability to automate schedules allows you to transport more riders in less time with fewer resources.

Increase Efficiency

Gain more productivity out of each day by managing your schedules with much higher efficiency.

Demand Response and Paratransit Software

TripSpark’s demand response software contains everything paratransit providers need to improve operations. You can manage clients, book and automatically schedule trips, track faring and run reports in seconds – all in one integrated, web-based platform.

Simplify the way you manage clients

Collect, capture and store all your rider information in a centralized location. Central management of rider information saves time, reduces errors and keeps you organized.

Book trips in seconds

Increase customer loyalty and grow revenue through improved trip booking processes. Book trips in advance or will call to meet your clients needs.

Automated tools to create efficient schedules

Create schedules that make the most sense for your operation and riders. Saving you time, money and resources.

Run real-time reports in seconds

Make informed decisions through analytics that allow you to track all your important information. From driver manifests, productivity reports, cancellations and no shows, schedule adherence, on time performance, passenger counts, & vehicle utilization to Ad hoc reporting.

Track trip faring and funding

Accurately create, track and maintain faring and funding information to maximize your revenue. Whether simple or complex, billing rules help track your costs.

Optimize your routes with integrated mapping

Know where your riders are going. Optimizing vehicle utilization save you money and resources.

Paratransit & Demand Response Software

TripSpark’s paratransit and demand response software is designed to help you manage the unique needs of your transportation organization.

Our intelligent and flexible algorithm helps you create the perfect balance between customer service and productivity levels that’s right for your operation.

  • Ensure pinpoint accuracy of scheduling solutions with flexible mapping
  • Properly utilize mixed fleet vehicle capacities
  • Set driver speeds based on area familiarity
  • Update daily schedule based on AVL data

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Paratransit & Demand Response Software
TripSpark Mobile

Designed to be flexible and simple, TripSpark Mobile helps agencies looking to control costs, improve productivity and provide better service to their passengers. This turn-key solution can help Paratransit operators achieve measurable goals, such as same-day bookings, fewer denials, improved on-time performance and an overall increase in passenger trips per hour.

  • Savings associated with productivity improvements gained through mobile computing solutions often pay for the projects within three to five years
  • Productivity gains of 5%–10% or more
  • Reduce dispatcher/driver radio traffic by as much as 80 percent
  • Redeploy your resources by eliminating the need for manual data entry and paper work
  • Minimize the risk of human error with automated trip planning for operators
  • Reduce or eliminate service denials
  • Better on-time performance rates

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TripSpark Mobile
Get your drivers the Information they need in real-time

Connect your vehicles, dispatch center and back office in real-time with TripSpark's mobile application.

Using your own handheld devices or our on-board rugged hardware system, TripSpark’s mobile application offers real-time client updates, checklist information, electronic dispatching, turn-by-turn navigation, driver behavior monitoring, wireless signature capture, electronic fare payment, and much more.

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Get your drivers the Information they need in real-time
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