3 Reasons Why Ohio Transit Agencies Choose TripSpark

3 Reasons Why Ohio Transit Agencies Choose TripSpark

Ohio is home to over 11 million people. Many of these people rely on transit or paratransit services to get around, and demographic factors suggest that number is going to rise. With increasing demand and limited administrative resources, Ohio agencies need an effective, easy to use technology system to help improve service while reducing administrative costs. Riders also demand that companies be increasingly technologically savvy and digitally connected. Agencies have no choice but to respond to these demands by increasing the tools available to their riders and pushing to make their operations leaner and more efficient.

As one of the just three preferred transit software providers in the state of Ohio, TripSpark is perfectly positioned to partner with agencies looking to remain relevant with rapidly evolving technology. Below are 3 reasons why TripSpark is a great partner to help transform your operation.


Experience & Industry Insight

What truly sets us apart, is a deep understanding of the transit automation industry. TripSpark brings a wealth of experience to the table with over 30 years in the industry. With more than 500 implementations completed in North America, we have seen the industry transform from a predominantly manual one, to what it is becoming today. TripSpark will continue to be a champion for innovation and change in the transit industry – whether that be fixed route, demand response, NEMT, or school transportation operations.


Flexible and Scalable System

TripSpark understands that no two public transportation operations are exactly that the same. That is why TripSpark’s software platform has been developed to be both highly configurable and customizable to suit your agency’s unique operational needs. TripSpark’s analytics and reporting tools allow you to create custom reports without having to have prior knowledge of complicated software such as Crystal reports or schema. In addition, new functionality and upgrades to the core system are periodically released without charge to our clients. TripSpark software was designed to grow together with your operation.

Optimizing Operational Efficiency

Why focus on repetitive tasks that maintain your operation, such as answering calls about schedule changes or inputting manual trips into your database? Mounting manual data entry and administrative tasks will slow down your operational efficiency and inhibit your potential to grow. TripSpark’s Intelligent Transportation Systems use a proven, industry leading multi-modal algorithm that consistently provides customers with more efficient schedules vs. the competition. This system lets you mass upload scheduled trips and develop schedules with greater efficiency. Now you can focus on what really matters – providing the best possible transportation to your communities.


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