Sandusky Transit
How Paratransit Software Supports Sandusky Transit’s Future Growth | Sandusky

Sandusky Transit

  • Paratransit system in Erie County, Sandusky, Ohio

Current Solution

  • TripSpark paratransit software in use for 15 years


  • 250% growth in ridership in last 6 years
  • Additional technology to include fixed route solutions

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How Paratransit Software Supports Sandusky Transit’s Future Growth | Sandusky

Sandusky Transit

Sandusky, Ohio is home to the famous Cedar Point amusement park, which is commonly known as the Roller Coaster Capital of the World. It is also home to the Sandusky Transit System, a fixed route and paratransit system headed by Transit Administrator, Marvin Ranaldson. The agency provides about 350 demand response trips along with 850 fixed route trips per day. And because of the enormity of the area coverage they require (all of Erie County) Marvin exclaims, “Without TripSpark it wouldn’t be possible to provide the service we do.”

Paratransit Solutions

As Marvin states, “we’ve been using TripSpark’s paratransit software for over 15 years.” In that time, their specific needs have grown. This was due to an increase in ridership as well as a growing interest in new technologies to improve service. Being able to manage and monitor vehicles on the road as well as get updates to trips allows Sandusky Transit to do more trips, while maintaining a high standard of service. The result has been a marked growth in riders as well as significant savings in terms of time and other resources.

“TripSpark has served us well as we have grown ridership by 250% over the last 6 years.”

“We like that TripSpark has comprehensive technologies,” says Marvin. The paratransit software suite allows him to access the data he requires to make accurate decisions based upon relevant information. Reports can be generated built out of trustworthy data. Since the entire system is integrated, trip booking, scheduling and dispatching can be done extremely quickly. GPS in the vehicles provides dispatchers with real time updates. Riders who call in can then be provided real time updates about the ETA of their vehicles. This makes every trip more dependable and ultimately, it makes riders happier.

Fixed Route Software on its Way

Due to the success of their paratransit software solutions, Marvin is looking forward to upgrading and expanding their partnership with TripSpark to include solutions for fixed route as well. His goal is to create a complete ITS solution for his entire transit system. This will allow Marvin and his team to monitor and manage every vehicle on the road and identify issues or inefficiencies before they turn into complaint calls. And because TripSpark products are designed for integration, the system is more likely to run smoothly well into the future.

“Because of the flexibility of TripSpark and their ability to build upon our existing system, we are now able to try things we haven’t done before.”

Our Partner in Transit

Transit technologies are transforming the way that Sandusky Transit delivers service to its riders. The key to this success is in the close relationship they have with their software vendor. This will allow and encourage their system to grow to provide more trips while at the same time, giving riders the technologies they desire. As a partner in transit technology, TripSpark continues to work with Sandusky Transit to continue to develop a solution that meets their unique needs.

“We look to a transformational future for the Roller Coaster Capital of world and continued growth of transit in Erie County with our partners at TripSpark technologies.”

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