Specialized Transit Reports Solve Transit Agency Challenges – Spotlight on Niagara Falls Transit

Specialized Transit Reports Solve Transit Agency Challenges – Spotlight on Niagara Falls Transit

Each year, TripSpark's transit agency partners are mandated to produce a lengthy, time-consuming report for the Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA). Beyond selling software and performing regular maintenance, TripSpark takes our partnerships seriously, so we were happy to create a report that simplifies the CUTA process. Our customers can reach out to Customer Care for more information.

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Niagara Falls Transit and TripSpark

Since 2016, Niagara Falls Transit and TripSpark Technologies have enjoyed a great partnership. Niagara Falls Transit operates the public transport bus services in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. And TripSpark helps to keep their Fixed Route and Paratransit systems running smoothly with our NOVUS, DriverMate and Passenger Notifications solutions.

Moving Together

Today, TripSpark remains committed to Niagara Falls Transit’s growing and evolving transit operation, developing new technologies to increase operational efficiencies, and reduce costs. But more than just the technology we provide, our team is truly committed to working with Niagara Falls Transit, to make our partner’s work and lives, easier. For example, Gardner Cole, TripSpark’s Transit Team Lead, with the assistance of the NOVUS Product Manager and development team, developed a specialized transit report for their Niagara Falls Transit customers, Beth Paul, and Charlotte DiCosimo. The agency required a v2 to v4 upgrade for their annual (and mandatory) Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA) report. Gardner and his team were able to work within their tight timelines to upgrade, test and then deploy this upgrade, for Niagara Falls Transit to utilize for their CUTA report. While the end goal was to get the report upgraded and installed, Gardner and the team were also able to implement performance and stability improvements, afforded by the new version. These kinds of enhancements and top notch service provide Niagara Falls and our other agency partners, high value for their maintenance dollars.

Committing to Partnership and a Great Customer Experience

The role of transit agencies is ever-changing, and in working side by side with our transit agency partners, like Niagara Falls Transit, we are committed to providing an integrated and frictionless experience for agencies, drivers, and riders alike. We are driven by our belief in an equitable experience for ALL, to ensure every person is afforded the freedom of mobility and access to work, school, medical care, recreation, and the necessities of everyday life. While we equip our partners with the necessary tools to deliver the best service for each rider, our part in the partnership with Niagara Falls Transit and other transit agencies, is two-fold. #1 – We will deliver technology that is easy to use, reliable, and practical. #2 – Our people behind the technology are genuinely committed to providing the best service and care in the industry. For Niagara Falls Transit and our other partners, this frees up time to focus on what matters most – delivering superior service to their riders, in a cost-effective way.