Streets for Fixed Route

The single suite of tools to completely empower and connect an entire fixed route agency.

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Complete Overview and Control

TripSpark Streets connects all the major stakeholders in a public transit agency. Complete oversight, from the dashboard of schedulers and dispatchers in the back office, to the driver's ability to record and provide passenger information on the bus, and finally to the riders who seek better access to bus schedule details. Keep reading to learn more about four add-on modules to complement your existing Streets ITS.

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Route Monitor

A linear view is a better view. Maps can be confusing to read and take time to comprehend. Schedulers can benefit from a linear view of routes and see how far away each bus is from each other as well as the next stop.

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Traffic Signal Priority

With Traffic Signal Priority, buses can actually get an advantage over traffic congestion in the city.

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Transfer Protection

Improving the transfer process enables drivers to make informed decions about whether to wait a few minutes or not. They can then provide more accurate trip details to transfering passengers.

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Passengers can now get real-time updates directly from your transit schedule and trip planning website and connect them to Google Maps.This module easily integrates with TripSpark's MyRide and provides riders with real time feeds.

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Join some of North America’s leading transportation providers

With our powerful, easy to use, integrated set of transportation tools, organizations can connect people, places and communities by delivering exceptional experiences to their riders. TripSpark is, after all, on a mission to connect North America’s leading transportation providers and riders through meaningful interactions.