Public Transportation Software

TripSpark’s public transportation system can streamline every aspect of an agency’s transportation system. We provide a single-source, single-vendor intelligent transportation solution (ITS), which means that everything integrates seamlessly and works perfectly together. Gain insights into your operations, optimize your schedules and routes, maintain an efficient back office, and manage drivers — all from one powerful system

TripSpark offers solutions for both Fixed Route and Paratransit.

Increasing Ridership

Automated scheduling allows you to address areas of inefficieny in your routing decisions. Optimizing routes can reduce travel time, ensure on-time performance and relieve congested buses.

Offer Real-time Schedules

Automatically push out scheduling information to riders. Integration ensures accuracy of data for passenger information systems via: website, text messages, automated call center. wayside signage, headsigns, etc.

Insight Into Overall Operation

You have all-access to the data and information across your entire network. At any time and from any location, you can monitor on-time performance. Easily build robust reports and dig down into the granular data as needed.

Optimizing Schedules and Routes

By analyzing the automatically collected data from passenger counters and other areas of trip data, you can quickly determine where a bus stop or new route may be needed and where inefficiencies are draining your resources.

Maintaining an Efficient Back Office

Schedulers make informed decisions because of accurate route and ridership data. Dispatchers can make quicker decisions based upon accurate real time information. Managers have complete overview of operations.

Managing Drivers and Reducing Overtime

Efficiently manage driver schedules, vacations and bidding process to enable equitable work shifts, which can ultimately reduce the incidence of the need for overtime. Simple drag-and-drop functions allow you to assign drivers to routes.

Ready to learn more?

Fixed Route Scheduling

Create optimized routes and generate trips and schedules quickly and with minimal training.

Fixed Route CAD/AVL

Real time data collection allows all stakeholders to make fast and informed decisions.

Paratransit Scheduling

Intuitive and flexible system for scheduling and dispatching trips of any amount.

In-Vehicle Technology for Paratransit

Provide a single point of logon for drivers and integrates all data with office software.

Passenger Information

Making it remarkably convenient for riders to access real time schedules on any device.

Automatic Fare Collection

Go paperless or add smartcards and make it easier for riders to pay for their fares.

Custom Reports

With little expertise, create dynamic reports. Then share them in popular formats.

In-Vehicle Technology

Provide a single point of logon for drivers and integrates all data with office software.

Infotainment Digital Signage

Digital Signage for Public Transit with real-time information, advertising, and more.

Service Interruptions Management (Detours)

Create, track, schedule, and communicate detours with ease and efficiency.

Automated IVR Trip Booking & Notifications for Paratransit

Automate in-bound and outbound communication with riders for improved service.

Paratransit Passenger Portal

Provide riders 24/7 access and more control over their schedules while relieving call centers.

Shelly Ackers, Quinte Access Transportation

Shelly is a huge proponent of an end-to-end transportation solution. She provides her riders with the tools to imrpove their transit experience, which in turn has improved ridership. As she says, “We can get more people on our vehicles and generate more revenue without additional cost.”

Candace Eudaley, Dubuque

By analyzing transit data and optimizing routes and schedules, Dubuque Transit managed to drop $100,000 from their annual budget. As well, they were able to reduce bus trip times by roughly 50%. Watch the video to see why Candace Eudaley, Transit Manager at The Jule, believes in the power of fixed route software solutions.